Bubbly English Seaside

Live life to the full the cruelty free way

I hope you will find my posts informative, and I welcome feedback and look forward to sharing ideas and inspiration with you.

My name is Jo Hardy and I have been vegetarian since childhood.  I made the transition to veganism several years ago, and continue to enjoy healthy cruelty free food free from ALL animal products.

Kung fu fan vegan

jo windmill

I care about my health and consider nutrition to be vital for my well-being and happiness.  Fitness also plays a bit part in my life, and I have studied and taught the art of kung fu for many years.  I believe that variation is key when it comes to exercise, so I also keep fit at the gym and I am an avid cyclist.

I have always taken a great interest in cooking and I love feeding people.  My children are vegetarian/vegan too and they enjoy and benefit from a plant based diet full of nutritious goodness.

I adore fashion, and especially vintage clothes and furnishings.  I have a degree in fine art and enjoy photography at present.  Travelling is also my passion and this is where I gather much inspiration for food and imagery from the diverse and beautiful cultures and customs that I come across.


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